Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Long time no see, I will skip all the excuses and stuff, cause it's not really why you're here, i mean you're not here to read about my life. I was wandering if continuing posting as i did before makes sense, as i would prefer to contemplate and somehow get more into some pieces rather than just show a few pretty/interesting paintings without a word. I don't know. But again then i don't have the knowledge or anything. I will think about it. And for the time being I'm leaving you with this small collection of paintings you've probably seen on my tumblr if you follow it and if  not you have a chance now. Enjoy and have a nice day (:

    Apples  by Myron G. Barlow
Gate to paradise (detail)  by Wilhelm Bernatzik
Still Life with meat by Monet
Oysters by Édouard Manet
Despatches - is he Mentioned by Edgar Bundy


  1. I would definitely encourage you to comment more on the paintings you post here. I don't expect scholarly analysis, nor I would care for something like that but I am more interested in impressions and emotions. Let's take a look at these paintings for example. They are all fine paintings but only "Gate to paradise" got me really interested and I had to look at the whole artwork. The color choice is not something you would expect for a topic like paradise - you see a gloomy and dark landscape and only in the distance there is something that might resemble a light-filled gate. Interestingly the guardians of the gate with halos and swords are so close that you would think that the gate is right here in front and that you peek through the gate between them but there is only a long winding road to what seems like an actual gate in the distance. So the question would be why guard something that is so far away? And maybe this long path so something that you need to walk alone just to find the right gate - and the path is not straight by any means.
    "Despatches - is he Mentioned" got me mildly interested because the title would suggest that this elderly couple, relatively rich, judging by the table, is looking for some military announcements in the newspaper, trying to find out if their son is going to war now (presumably WW I). I could not find any description of this painting so I am just speculating.
    The other paintings, like the meat or the oysters don't evoke any emotions.

    1. I don't know how the colors look at the painting because the reproductions often have quite different colors and i've found this very pale version It's interesting to read your thoughts but i have an impression that this whole painting consists of 3 paintings, filed with the path and those angles on both sides. Like maybe they were at the gate which you have passed and you see the beauty of paradise but you still have those wonderful creatures before your eyes. But anyway I like your interpretation with the gate in the distance.
      As to the other paintings I can't really explain why I've chosen a piece of meet with a garlic but there's just something about this painting. The bright colors of the meat as if it was glowing and as I'm looking at it I can almost smell it, and the garlic, and the roast which will be made of it. And then many other things come to my mind like an evening in the garden full of golden sunshine, warm wooden furniture, cold water with lemon, fresh salad and this hot roast with garlic. I could go on and on.xD It's similar with Manets painting.
      In Apples i love the bright, vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, which are contrasted with cold and pale colors, that create the sad atmosphere, I don't know why exactly sad but it's just, oh well i don't know.;d
      The last one I've posted because it's full of small little objects, and well because I love scenes. They are lively and when I look at one it's like I can almost see the old man turning the pages, the woman quietly joining him, like I could almost feel the morning sun shining through the curtain.
      Anyway I will think about changing the style of writing. Thanks for initiating this discussion.C:


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