Friday, 12 October 2012

Edmund C. Tarbell

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862-1938), was an American Impressionist painter, a member of the Ten American Painters.

Colours here are just gorgeous. The shades of purple and blue matched very light yellow and creme
The Bleu Veil  (1907)
Girl with Sailboat (1899)
Elena (1885)
Mrs. John Lawrence (1912)
In a Garden  (1890)
A Girl Sewing in an Orchard (1891)
Wonderful colours, this painting is so full of light! Makes me think of a warm sunny summer day.;d

Schooling the Horses (1903)
Girl and Horse (1892)
I absolutely love her face expression. It looks as if somebody forced her to stay with a horse for a minute, and she was quite angry about it, maybe afraid she might dirty her white dress.

Margaret Under the Elms (1895)

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