Monday, 22 October 2012

Frédéric Soulacroix

Frédéric Soulacroix (1858 - 1933) was an Italian painter, although his father Charles Soulacroix was well-known French sculptor and painter. 

In the Garden
The Afternoon Visitor
The Cavalier's Kiss
The Marriage Proposal
The Outing
The Pet Parrot
The Tea Party
Women on a Balcony
An Elegant Entrance
The Recital
.Well I hope that his works were less "boring" than in the few previous posts.;> I don't know, but they were all like almost the same, but still very pretty. I'll try to find something more interesting the next time. Because of course it's fun to look at all those beautiful ladies, dressed in wonderful clothes, but after some time it might get slightly boring, don't you think. A short break may do some good.;>

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