Monday, 29 October 2012

Frederick William Elwell

Frederick William Elwell (1870-1958) was an English painter. (painted a portrait King George V)

King George V
Avignon, France, from Les Rochers de Justice
Birthday Party
The Wedding Dress
Girl with a Cigarette
In a Bar
North Bar, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire
Police Court
Scarborough Harbour, North Yorkshire
The Big Top
The First Born
Three Maids, 'Beverley Arms' Kitchen
 I really like the fact that it's clearly visible how the times had changed in his paintings. First ladies dress in long pretty dresses and then wearing just short skirts, showing their not only ankles but also legs! how inappropriate it'd been only 40 years earlier. It's incredible how quick and the fashion change. Personally I think that the 20th Century was the one with the most enormous changes, well so far. I guess that in a big part thanks to the two wars. But about it another time.;>

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