Monday, 1 October 2012

Robert Auer

Robert Auer, born 1873, died 1952. Croatian painter, who painted over 150 portraits and as many nudes and symbolic compositions. He is often said to represent the Art Nouveau style, because of studying at that time in Vienna. Many of his works can be found in private collections. (info this time from a great site:

I simply love this one. It reminds me a little of the Klimts painting Medicine, well maybe also because of the title.;d
Allegory of Medicine (1914)
But this one is even more Klimtish.;>

As you see he was a great portrait artist, no wonder that's what he did for a living.
I've chosen this particular portrait, because the women looks real, not like a pretty doll but like a real woman, she has a few wrinkles and her teeth are not perfectly white, I think it just shows more true picture of a women back then. 

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