Thursday, 18 October 2012

Victor Wang

Victor Wang is contemporary Chaniese painter. He grew up in North China but studied in the USA. His works gained many awards and he participated in many shows, both solo and group. That's what he says about his life and works: "I grew up amongst the sunflower fields in northern China. In my childhood years, I played under the bright, yellow sunflowers with my brothers everyday. China’s Cultural Revolution played an important part in my life. During that time, sunflowers were used as political allegories to depict how citizens of China should follow Mao who represented the sun, since sunflowers follow the sun’s movements. People eventually inferred the deception that this symbol masked. After graduating from high school, I was sent to a labor camp in the country for ‘reeducation’ during China’s Cultural Revolution. There, I was subject to grueling farm work. Often, I worked in corn and sunflower fields from sunrise to sunset. Thus, for me, sunflowers evoke both personal joy and sadness. Therefore, to deliver my complex feelings, I use sunflowers as a metaphor to connote my background and emotional stage.
 You can visit his website here. 

I must say I find his works really beautiful, especially some of them. I think mainly because of the colours. Some of his works are simply amazing. Definitely my favourite is The Crown of Sunflower. The girl seems to be "cold" but the sunflower on her head and the golden orange behind her make this painting really warm, although still when you look at the girl it seems a little bit melancholic.

The Crown of Sunflower (2006)
The Crown of Sunflower detail (2006)
A Sunflower Crown (2005)
After Fall (2002)
In the Distance (2006)
Inner Glow (2008)
Pink Autumn (2009)
Sleeping Dreamer (2010)
The Sound of Silence (2005)
The Wind of Change (2005)
After Rain (2009)
Drumming (2007)
Golden Fall (2008)


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